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  • A centrifugal water pump is a type of pump that uses centrifugal force to move water or other fluids. It works by converting rotational kinetic energy from a motor into hydrodynamic energy in the fluid being pumped.

  • A High pressure chemical pump is a type of pump specifically designed to handle and pump chemicals at high pressures. These pumps are commonly used in various industrial applications where chemicals need to be transported or processed under high pressure conditions.

  • A vertical submersible pump is a type of submersible pump that is designed to be installed vertically in a water source, such as a well or a sump pit. It is submerged in the water or liquid, and its motor and impeller are positioned vertically.

  • A submerged water pump, also known as a submersible pump, is a type of pump that is designed to be fully submerged in water or other liquids. It is typically used for various applications such as pumping water from wells, sumps, ponds, and tanks.

  • A single stage double suction centrifugal pump is a common type of centrifugal pump that has two suction inlets, located on either side of the pump, that introduce fluid into the pump body through two separate suction lines. The main features of the pump are as follows: 1 Double suction structure: single-stage double suction centrifugal pump has two suction inlet, so that the fluid can evenly enter both sides of the pump body, reducing the impact on the axial force, improve the stability and efficiency of the pump.

  • Vertical chemical pump is a vertically mounted pump commonly used in the chemical industry. Its design features and application range are as follows:1. Design features:Vertical installation: The pump body and motor of the vertical chemical pump are installed on the same axis, vertically installed inside the container, and the inlet and outlet of the pump are usually located at the top and bottom of the container.