Chemical Pump

Hongzheng is a leading China Chemical Pump manufacturers. Chemical pump is a kind of pump specially used to transport a variety of corrosive, flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful as well as high temperature and high pressure and other special media. Its characteristics and application range are as follows:

Chemical pump features:
1. Wide material selection: different materials can be used for chemical pump components, such as stainless steel, polymer, ceramics, etc., to meet the requirements of different media;
2. Good sealing: the chemical pump uses a special closed structure, so that the pump has good sealing, improve the reliability of the pump;
3. Stable operation: The chemical pump adopts optimized impeller structure and flow channel design, so that the flow rate of the pump is stable, the flow rate is uniform and the noise is small during operation.

Chemical pump is my application scope:
1. Petrochemical industry: such as transporting crude oil, ethylene, styrene, etc.;
2. Metallurgical industry: such as conveying liquid metal, slurry, etc.;
3. Paper industry: such as conveying pulp, coating slurry, etc.;
4. Pharmaceutical industry: such as conveying media used in various production processes;
5. Environmental protection projects: such as transportation and treatment of chemical sewage, sewage slurry, etc.

Chemical pump maintenance method:
1. Check the pump regularly, such as cleaning the accumulated debris in the pump and checking whether the pump body has cracks;
2. Regularly check the lubrication of the pump shaft and bearing, and replace the lubricating oil in time if poor lubrication is found;
3. Regularly check the sealing condition of the mechanical seal, if the seal is found to be poor, the seal should be replaced in time;
4. When the pump is disabled for a long time, the internal liquid should be drained to avoid rust of the pump impeller.
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  • A cryogenic centrifugal pump is a type of pump specifically designed to handle and transport cryogenic fluids, which are substances at extremely low temperatures, typically below -150°C (-238°F). These pumps are essential in industries that deal with liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and natural gas, among others.

  • A horizontal centrifugal pump is a type of pump that uses a rotating impeller to move fluid through the pump. The pump uses centrifugal force to increase the fluid's velocity and pressurize it as it moves through the pump. Horizontal centrifugal pumps are commonly used in industrial, agricultural, and municipal applications for moving water or other fluids. They are often used in applications such as water supply, irrigation, drainage, and wastewater treatment.

  • A High pressure chemical pump is a type of pump specifically designed to handle and pump chemicals at high pressures. These pumps are commonly used in various industrial applications where chemicals need to be transported or processed under high pressure conditions.

  • Vertical chemical pump is a vertically mounted pump commonly used in the chemical industry. Its design features and application range are as follows:1. Design features:Vertical installation: The pump body and motor of the vertical chemical pump are installed on the same axis, vertically installed inside the container, and the inlet and outlet of the pump are usually located at the top and bottom of the container.

  • IH chemical pump is a commonly used centrifugal pump, mainly used to transport various chemical media, such as acid, alkali, salt solution, organic solvent and so on. It has the following structural features: 1. Pump structure: IH chemical pump adopts single stage, single suction, cantilever structure, the pump body is composed of two shells before and after, connected by connecting bolts. The front housing has an inlet and an outlet, and the rear housing is equipped with a bearing and a sealing device.

  • An explosion-proof chemical pump is a type of pump designed to safely handle and transfer volatile or hazardous chemicals in potentially explosive environments. These pumps are specifically designed and constructed to prevent the ignition of flammable substances, which could lead to an explosion.

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