Metering Pump

Hongzheng is a leading China Metering Pump manufacturers. Metering pump is a kind of industrial pump for a large number of fluid transmission and flow control, with high precision, stable flow, reliable transmission and other characteristics, widely used in chemical, medicine, food, metallurgy, petroleum and other fields of flow measurement, in all walks of life have applications.

Structural characteristics of metering pump:
1. Small size, light weight, strong structure, easy to install and debug.
2. Most metering pumps are driven by motors or air motors, with automatic control of conveying flow, calculation of control costs and other functions.
3. The measurement error of the metering pump is small, usually within ±1%, which can meet the requirements of high-precision metering and transmission flow control.
4, the sealing of the metering pump is good, suitable for conveying easy leakage, volatile, toxic, corrosive and other media.
5. According to the needs of different applications, the material of the metering pump can be selected stainless steel, carbon steel, corrosion-resistant plastics and other materials.

Application range of metering pump:
1. Chemical field: metering pumps can be used to transport a variety of acids, alkalis, salt chemicals and organic solvents, resins, pigments and so on.
2. Medicine and food industry: metering pump can be used to transport liquid medicine, food, beverage and other volatile, easily deteriorated substances.
3. Oil and gas industry: metering pumps can be used for oil recovery, oil transmission, oil blending, packaging and oil measurement control.
4. Metallurgy and water conservancy: metering pumps can be used to transport liquid metal, cement, concrete and other fluids, as well as for water irrigation, sewage and other projects.
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