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  • IH chemical pump is a commonly used centrifugal pump, mainly used to transport various chemical media, such as acid, alkali, salt solution, organic solvent and so on. It has the following structural features: 1. Pump structure: IH chemical pump adopts single stage, single suction, cantilever structure, the pump body is composed of two shells before and after, connected by connecting bolts. The front housing has an inlet and an outlet, and the rear housing is equipped with a bearing and a sealing device.

  • Single-stage single-suction mud pump is a centrifugal pump used to transport mud or sludge containing solid particles. It is usually composed of a pump body, impeller, bearing box, bearing, sealing device, etc.

  • An explosion-proof chemical pump is a type of pump designed to safely handle and transfer volatile or hazardous chemicals in potentially explosive environments. These pumps are specifically designed and constructed to prevent the ignition of flammable substances, which could lead to an explosion.

  • The corrosion resistant pulp pump has the following functional characteristics: 1. Corrosion resistance: Special materials and coatings are used to withstand the erosion of corrosive media and extend the service life of the pump. 2. High efficiency: It has good hydrodynamic design, can provide efficient transportation performance and reduce energy consumption.

  • Self-priming clean water pump is a pump that can automatically absorb water, mainly used to transport water or similar liquid pumps. It has the following characteristics: 1. Self-priming capacity: the self-priming clean pump has good self-priming capacity, which can form negative pressure in the pump body, so as to automatically absorb water without additional suction device.

  • High temperature chemical pump is a kind of pump specially used for transporting high temperature liquid. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries, for conveying high temperature media, such as hot oil, high temperature solution, high temperature corrosive liquid and so on.