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Water supply pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used to transport clean water or similar liquid, mainly used in urban water supply, industrial cooling cycle, rural drought and flood disaster relief and other fields. Its structural characteristics and application range are as follows:

Structural characteristics of the water supply pump:
1. Impeller: The pump has a centrifugal impeller, usually single or multistage, to provide efficient hydraulic performance.
2. Sealing structure: Because the pump often operates in a wet environment, the sealing structure is crucial. The pump uses a variety of different sealing schemes, such as mechanical seals and packing seals.
3. Drive system: The pump usually uses the motor as the drive source, but other power sources can also be used, such as internal combustion engines.
4. Control system: the water supply pump can complete remote control, monitoring and adjustment functions through the automatic control system.

Application range of water supply pump:
1. Civil buildings: Water supply pumps are widely used in large residential buildings, public places, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and other civil buildings.
2. Urban water supply system: water supply pump is an essential part of the urban water supply system, which is used to provide a variety of water sources such as public water and fire water.
3. Agricultural irrigation: In rural areas, water supply pumps are used for irrigation and to provide drinking water for people and animals.
4. Industrial applications: Supply pumps are also widely used in industrial manufacturing, chemical reaction, power industry, shipbuilding industry, mining industry and railway transportation.

Maintenance of water supply pump:
1. Keep the pump body clean: clean the pump body regularly and check the impeller and other components.
2. Replace the seals: according to the use, regularly replace the mechanical seals and packing seals and other parts.
3. Maintenance of the motor part: check the motor part regularly, repair or replace the motor failure.
4. Pay attention to filling lubricating oil: fill appropriate lubricating oil to match the normal work of the pump.
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  • A centrifugal water pump is a type of pump that uses centrifugal force to move water or other fluids. It works by converting rotational kinetic energy from a motor into hydrodynamic energy in the fluid being pumped.

  • A single stage double suction centrifugal pump is a common type of centrifugal pump that has two suction inlets, located on either side of the pump, that introduce fluid into the pump body through two separate suction lines. The main features of the pump are as follows: 1 Double suction structure: single-stage double suction centrifugal pump has two suction inlet, so that the fluid can evenly enter both sides of the pump body, reducing the impact on the axial force, improve the stability and efficiency of the pump.

  • Self-priming clean water pump is a pump that can automatically absorb water, mainly used to transport water or similar liquid pumps. It has the following characteristics: 1. Self-priming capacity: the self-priming clean pump has good self-priming capacity, which can form negative pressure in the pump body, so as to automatically absorb water without additional suction device.

  • Single stage single suction pump is a common centrifugal pump, mainly used to transport water or similar nature of the liquid. Its structure is simple, easy to operate, widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, municipal and other fields.

  • Pipeline centrifugal pump is a vertical structure, the import and export diameter is the same, and located in the same center line, can be installed in the pipeline like a valve, with installation foot, increase the stability of the pump, compact appearance, small footprint, low construction investment.

  • Double suction middle open pump is a common centrifugal pump, its structural characteristics and application range are as follows: Structural features: 1. Double suction inlet: double suction open pump has two suction inlet, located on both sides of the pump. This design allows the pump to produce counteracting forces on the inlet side, reducing radial and axial forces, and improving the stability and service life of the pump.

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