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  • Chemical pumps are used to transfer or move various types of chemicals within industrial processes.


  • A pulp pump is a type of industrial pump specifically designed for handling and transporting pulp in various industrial processes. Pulp refers to a mixture of solid materials, often in a slurry form, that is typically found in industries such as paper and pulp manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and the production of certain food products.


  • Horizontal multistage pumps are commonly used in industries that require high-pressure pumping, such as: 1. Water supply and distribution: These pumps are used to deliver water from reservoirs or water treatment plants to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. They are also used in high-rise buildings to maintain water pressure on multiple floors.


  • Screw pump, also known as "screw pump" and "Archimedes screw pump". A pump that uses the rotation of spiral blades to cause the water body to spiral upward along the axial direction.


  • High-pressure chemical pumps are specialized pumps designed to handle and deliver chemicals at elevated pressures. These pumps are commonly used in various industries for a range of applications due to their ability to handle corrosive, abrasive, or viscous fluids while maintaining consistent and precise pressure levels. Here are some common uses of high-pressure chemical pumps:


  • Pulp pump is a kind of pump equipment used in pulp, paper and other industries, with good conveying performance, wear resistance, high reliability. In the modern pulp industry, pulp pump is one of the indispensable important equipment. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics and performance of the pulp pump in detail in order to better understand this equipment.