Submerged pump

The submerged pump is a vertical pump that immerses the flow parts such as the impeller and the pump body in the conveyed material and is connected to the motor. The submerged pump is made according to the different needs of the length of the container. The parts of the submerged pump in contact with the material are generally selected according to the requirements of the material, and there are metallic and non-metallic materials.
The application field of submersible pumps is quite extensive, and the variety of classification standards determines the diversity of its types. According to the different explosion-proof grades, it can be simply divided into two categories: traditional submersible pumps (explosion-proof zone 1 outside the tank, zone 0 non-explosion inside the tank) and new submersible pumps (explosion-proof zone 1 outside the tank and zone 0 inside the tank). The traditional submerged pump is suitable for conveying various corrosive materials such as strong acid, alkali, salt, strong oxidant, etc., at any concentration, and is not suitable for conveying flammable and explosive materials. The new submerged pump is suitable for conveying flammable and explosive materials, but not suitable for conveying extremely corrosive materials with particles. It is widely used in petroleum refining, oil depots, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, factory production lines, generator sets and other flammable and explosive materials Material conveying place.
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