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Hongzheng is Submerged Pump manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Submerged Pump. A submerged pump, also known as a submerged pump, is a pump that integrates the motor and the pump body. Compared to ordinary pumps, the operation of liquid pumps is simpler and more efficient, because the motor and pump body are integrated together, which can reduce energy loss and resistance. At the same time, the liquid pump because of its special design, suitable for pumping water to the lower status of the occasion.

The structural characteristics of the liquid pump:
1. The overall structure is compact and saves the support device. Because of the bearing support motor and pump, the structure is simpler and the volume is smaller.
2. Good sealing, can run under liquid, there is no leakage phenomenon. Its sealing form is better than ordinary pumps, and it can work under water for a long time.
3. Long service life, easy maintenance. Because the submerged pump is in the liquid position, it is more convenient in the maintenance process.

Application range of liquid pump:
Liquid pump is mainly used in municipal environmental protection, construction, chemical industry, medicine, food, electricity, metallurgy and other fields, especially suitable for mining, construction sites, rural waterlogging regulation, factory sewage and biogas digester gasifier and other occasions.
In terms of municipal environmental protection, the liquid pump is mainly used for urban sewage treatment, rainwater recycling systems in residential communities and shopping malls, sewage disposal in wastewater ponds and domestic waste treatment.

In the construction industry, subsurface pumps are usually used in grouting stations, drainage stations, cooling pools, etc.
In the chemical, pharmaceutical and food fields, the use of liquid pumps is more widespread. For example, in food processing, subsurface pumps are mainly used to transport food with higher corrosion and higher viscosity.

Maintenance of liquid pump:
The maintenance of liquid pump needs to pay attention to the following points:
1. The correct installation should avoid direct pressure on the pump body during installation, and static water pressure should be used to support the pump body.
2. Regular inspection of motors, mechanical seals and bearings, especially mechanical seals, should avoid long-term use, so as to avoid grooves and colloid hardening.
3. To prevent pump volume water, install return valve and check valve at the outlet pipe to prevent pump volume water.
4. Before operation, check whether all parts of the pump body are fully installed, and conduct trial operation to check whether the pump body has abnormal sound and vibration. The pump body should be thoroughly flushed before shutdown.
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  • A vertical submersible pump is a type of submersible pump that is designed to be installed vertically in a water source, such as a well or a sump pit. It is submerged in the water or liquid, and its motor and impeller are positioned vertically.

  • A submerged water pump, also known as a submersible pump, is a type of pump that is designed to be fully submerged in water or other liquids. It is typically used for various applications such as pumping water from wells, sumps, ponds, and tanks.

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