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  • Stainless steel chemical centrifugal pump is a centrifugal pump made of stainless steel materials. It has the following characteristics: 1. Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel material has excellent corrosion resistance and can operate stably in various corrosive media for a long time. 2. High temperature performance: stainless steel material can maintain stable performance in high temperature environment, suitable for conveying high temperature liquid.

  • SGZ pulp pump is a type of pump specially designed for the transport of pulp, commonly used in pulp manufacturing and pulp delivery systems. It has the following characteristics:1. High efficiency: SGZ pulp pump adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology, which can efficiently transport pulp. It has a high flow rate and head, can meet the requirements of pulp conveying system.

  • Single stage single suction pump is a common centrifugal pump, mainly used to transport water or similar nature of the liquid. Its structure is simple, easy to operate, widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, municipal and other fields.

  • Pipeline centrifugal pump is a vertical structure, the import and export diameter is the same, and located in the same center line, can be installed in the pipeline like a valve, with installation foot, increase the stability of the pump, compact appearance, small footprint, low construction investment.

  • Double suction middle open pump is a common centrifugal pump, its structural characteristics and application range are as follows: Structural features: 1. Double suction inlet: double suction open pump has two suction inlet, located on both sides of the pump. This design allows the pump to produce counteracting forces on the inlet side, reducing radial and axial forces, and improving the stability and service life of the pump.

  • Vertical blowdown pump is a commonly used sewage treatment equipment, its structural characteristics and application range are as follows: Structural features: 1. Vertical structure: The motor and pump body of the vertical sewage pump are installed on the same axis to form a vertical structure. This structure allows the pump to have a smaller footprint and is suitable for installation in smaller Spaces.