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  • Horizontal single-stage chemical pump structure characteristics: 1. The motor and pump body of the horizontal single-stage chemical pump are installed on the same axis to form an integrated structure. 2. The pump body is usually made of corrosion-resistant materials such as cast iron, stainless steel and titanium alloy, which can adapt to various chemical media.

  • A Pulp agitator, also known as a pulp mixer, is an important device in the pulp manufacturing process, mainly used to stir and suspend the pulp to keep it in a uniform state and prevent the deposition of fibers during storage and transportation.

  • Self-priming sewage pump is a kind of pump that can self-priming and discharge sewage. It has self-priming capability and is able to extract liquid from below the pump inlet without additional auxiliary equipment. Self-priming sewage pumps are usually used to treat occasions containing solid particles or sewage, such as urban sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, construction site drainage, etc.

  • Multistage chemical pump is a device that pressurizes the medium with a high-speed rotating impeller. Unlike single-stage pumps, multistage chemical pumps connect multiple impellers in series to form multiple pressure working areas. This design can increase the lift and pressure of the pump, making it suitable for conveying high lift and high pressure media.

  • IS type Single stage water supply pump is a national joint design of energy saving pump, it is a new type of BA, B and other single stage water centrifugal pump. The advantages are: the layout of the whole series of hydraulic performance is reasonable, the user has a wide selection range, and the maintenance is convenient; The efficiency and suction reach an average high level.

  • ZX self-priming centrifugal pump scope of application: suitable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes, printing and dyeing, brewing, electricity, electroplating, paper making, petroleum, mining, equipment cooling, oil tanker unloading and so on. It is suitable for clean water, sea water and chemical medium liquid with acid and alkalinity and slurry with general paste (medium viscosity ≤100 cm per cent, solid content up to 30%).