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Pulp pump is a kind of pump specially used to transport pulp medium containing high concentration of solid particles. Its characteristics are as follows:

1.Strong wear-resistant, able to transport large particles of solid particles and high concentration of pulp media.
2. With high efficiency and stability, it can ensure stable flow and pressure output.
3. The use of special structural design, can effectively avoid blockage, stuck, leakage and other problems, improve the service life

Pulp pump is widely used in papermaking, sewage treatment, mining, chemical industry and other industrial fields. Its main applications include:
1. Paper industry: feed pump, circulation pump, waste pump, etc.
2. Mining industry: transportation of coal gangue, tailings, etc.
3. Chemical industry: conveying corrosive media, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.
4. Sewage treatment industry: transport all kinds of wastewater, such as sludge and sediment.

In the maintenance of pulp pumps, the following points should be noted:
1. Check and maintain regularly to remove the scale and impurities in the pump to ensure the normal operation of the pump.
2. Add lubricating oil regularly to extend the service life of the pump.
3. Pay attention to the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet valve of the pump to prevent the pump from idling or overload operation in the working state.
4. Install the filter to prevent solid particles from entering the pump chamber and causing blockage.
5. Pay attention to the use of the environment, to avoid the pump running in harsh high temperature, high humidity or corrosive environment.
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  • The corrosion resistant pulp pump has the following functional characteristics: 1. Corrosion resistance: Special materials and coatings are used to withstand the erosion of corrosive media and extend the service life of the pump. 2. High efficiency: It has good hydrodynamic design, can provide efficient transportation performance and reduce energy consumption.

  • SGZ pulp pump is a type of pump specially designed for the transport of pulp, commonly used in pulp manufacturing and pulp delivery systems. It has the following characteristics:1. High efficiency: SGZ pulp pump adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology, which can efficiently transport pulp. It has a high flow rate and head, can meet the requirements of pulp conveying system.

  • A Pulp agitator, also known as a pulp mixer, is an important device in the pulp manufacturing process, mainly used to stir and suspend the pulp to keep it in a uniform state and prevent the deposition of fibers during storage and transportation.

  • As the professional manufacturers, Hongzheng would like to provide you High Concentration Pulp Pump. High concentration pulp pump is a new type of pulp pump produced by modern pulp and paper industry using high concentration bleaching and high concentration refining.

  • Hongzheng is a professional leader China Non-clogging Pulp Pump manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Non-clogging pulp pump is a new type of energy-saving pulp pump, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, no or less leakage, good anti-clogging, stable operation, high reliability, compact structure and so on.

  • Hongzheng is a leading China CP Type Swirl Pump manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. It is often used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection and other fields, such as conveying mud, wastewater treatment and liquid gas pressurization.

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