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Model and parameters of pulp pump

Pulp pump is used to transport pulp pump, its model and parameters will vary according to the specific use requirements and process conditions. The following are some common pulp pump models and parameters:
Pulp pumpPulp pump
1. Model: The common pulp pump models are AH, SP, ZJ, ZJL, etc., different models are suitable for different processes and conveying requirements.
2. Flow rate: The flow rate of the pulp pump is usually cubic meters/hour (m³/h) or liters/second (L/s), and the appropriate flow rate is selected according to the need.
3. Lift: The lift of the pulp pump is usually in meters (m), indicating the maximum lift height that the pump can provide.
4. Speed: The speed of the pulp pump is usually in rotation per minute (rpm), indicating the rotation speed of the pump.
5. Power: The power of the pulp pump is usually in kilowatts (kW), indicating the power of the pump.
6. Import and export diameter: The import and export diameter of the pulp pump is usually in millimeters (mm), indicating the diameter of the import and export pipe of the pump.

It is necessary to select the appropriate pulp pump model and parameters according to the specific use scenario and requirements. It is recommended to carry out detailed communication and consultation with the supplier or professional technical personnel before purchasing the pulp pump to ensure that the appropriate model and parameters are selected.
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