Corrosion-resistant Slurry Pump

Corrosion-resistant Slurry Pump

Hongzheng is a professional leader China Corrosion-resistant Slurry Pump manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Corrosion-resistant slurry pump is specially used to transport mud and slurry with high density, high viscosity, high corrosion and easy coking.

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Hongzheng is a professional China Corrosion-resistant Slurry Pump manufacturers and suppliers, if you are looking for the best Corrosion-resistant Slurry Pump with low price, consult us now!

Corrosion-resistant slurry pump is specially used to transport mud and slurry with high density, high viscosity, high corrosion and easy coking. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Strong corrosion resistance: the internal and external parts of the corrosion-resistant slurry pump are made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, rubber, etc., which can carry out long-term stable work in extreme corrosive environments.
2. Excellent wear resistance: The pump interior is made of anti-wear materials, which can have good wear resistance when conveying high-density, high-viscosity and high-hardness slag and slurry, and is not easy to appear valve stuck, insufficient flow, pump shell wear and other faults.
3. Strong self-priming: The slurry pump adopts self-priming design, which can quickly absorb liquid, and can realize self-priming without filling liquid or artificial pumping, effectively shortening the start and stop time of the pump station.
4. Compact structure: the pump is small, light weight, large power, high speed, saving equipment footprint, and easy to install and maintain.
5. Reverse prevention function: The corrosion resistant slurry pump is designed with reverse prevention function. When the liquid is countercurrent, the pump automatically closes the pump door in reverse, avoiding instantaneous high pressure during pump station operation, thus protecting the pump and the pipeline.

Use corrosion resistant slurry pump need to pay attention to the following matters:
1. Select the appropriate pump type according to the nature of the medium and the conditions of use;
2. Before installation, the installation site should be cleaned to ensure that the pump body, pipes and interfaces are clean;
3. When installing, it should be operated in strict accordance with relevant regulations to ensure that the pump shaft is installed in a horizontal state;
4. Check before use to correct bad furnishings or loose fasteners;
5. Before starting, the air in the pipeline should be discharged to ensure that the pump inlet and outlet are smooth;
6. Operation should be strictly in accordance with the regulations, shall not overload operation or backpouring, to prevent pump damage or leakage;
7. After a period of operation, it is necessary to repair and maintain, and timely replace the impeller, mechanical seal and other wearing parts to ensure the long-term normal operation of the equipment.

At the same time, pay attention to the safety precautions of the operator. Wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles during operation to avoid injury.

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