RLP Type Rotor Pump

RLP Type Rotor Pump

Hongzheng is a leading China RLP Type Rotor Pump manufacturers and suppliers. RLP type CAM type rotor pump performance characteristics: ◎ The viscosity of the conveying medium is less than 2 million cp, and the slurry containing 60% solid content; ◎ Flow conveying range :0.1-400m? /h; ◎ Conveying pressure up to 1.2MPa;

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Hongzheng is RLP Type Rotor Pump manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale RLP Type Rotor Pump.

RLP Type Rotor Pump performance characteristics:

◎ The viscosity of the conveying medium is less than 2 million cp, and the slurry containing 60% solid content;
◎ Flow conveying range :0.1-400m? /h;
◎ Conveying pressure up to 1.2MPa;
◎ Temperature range :-40~300C;
◎ Mobile pump can absorb all kinds of barreled materials, suction vacuum up to 0.08MPa; · All parts and accessories in contact with the conveying materials in the rotor pump are made of stainless steel material in line with national health standards, and the seals are made of non-toxic rubber, which ensures safety and health with reliable rust prevention and non-toxic sealing;
◎ Suitable for CIP cleaning and steam disinfection, in full compliance with the requirements of the US FDA and pharmaceutical grade (GMP) specifications;
◎ It is especially suitable for foaminess in the conveying process and conveying high viscosity, high concentration and any medium containing particles, and the material transported by it maintains the original quality unchanged, without any physical and chemical reaction;
◎ External dynamic, static ring type mechanical seal, can be washed directly with water, high pressure resistance, no leakage;
◎ Small volume, large flow, high pressure (head), suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative transportation;
◎ The rotor of the pump is separated from the transmission gear, and a certain gap is guaranteed between the parts in the pump chamber, no contact with each other, no wear, low noise, and good reliability. Long service life, energy saving and consumption reduction;
◎ After configuring the inverter, the flow can be adjusted at will, and can be used as a general metering pump;
◎ Compact structure, easy maintenance, almost no wearing parts, low operating cost;

◎ Thermal insulation cooling pump adopts built-in structure, good thermal conductivity, according to user connection needs, optional flange type, clamp type, screw type, can also be configured in the pump head according to user needs, sanitary safety valve.

The RLP Type Rotor Pump is a versatile industrial pump that can be used to transport a variety of liquids and slurries, including high viscosity, high solid content, volatile, flammable, corrosive and media containing solid particles. It is commonly used in the following areas:
1. Chemical industry: suitable for acid, alkali, salt, heavy oil terminal, pickling workshop, inorganic chemical industry, organic chemical industry, printing and dyeing, medicine, synthetic fiber and other industries of medium transportation.
2. Oil and gas industry: Applications such as crude oil transportation, natural gas transportation and drilling fluid transportation.
3. Food and pharmaceutical industry: suitable for conveying in food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries, such as milk, soy sauce, fruit pulp, beer, etc.
4. Sewage treatment system: It can be used in municipal sewage treatment stations, industrial wastewater treatment plants, sludge recycling and paper mills.
5. Others: It can also be used in shipbuilding industry, textile industry, power industry and other fields.
The RLP cam-type rotor pump is a powerful industrial pump suitable for a variety of different industries and applications.

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