Screw pump

Screw pump, also known as "screw pump" and "Archimedes screw pump". A pump that uses the rotation of spiral blades to spiral up the water body in the axial direction. It is composed of shaft, spiral blade and shell. When pumping water, place the pump obliquely in the water so that the inclination angle of the main shaft of the pump is smaller than the inclination angle of the spiral blade, and the lower end of the spiral blade is in contact with the water. When the prime mover drives the screw pump shaft to rotate through the speed change device, water enters the blades and rises along the spiral flow path until it flows out. The structure is simple, easy to manufacture, large flow, low head loss, high efficiency, easy to repair and maintain, but low lift, low speed, and a variable speed device is required. It is mostly used for irrigation, drainage, and lifting of sewage and sludge.
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  • The screw pump is a single-screw conveying pump. Its main working parts are the eccentric screw screw (called the rotor) and the screw bushing (called the stator) with a double helix on the inner surface.

  • The sanitary screw pump is a new type of pump that works according to the principle of revolving meshing volumetric type. The main working parts are the eccentric screw (rotor) and the fixed bushing (stator).

  • Sanitary screw pumps, the flow parts are all sanitary materials, the core components and sealing devices of the product, according to the different characteristics of the medium, use different materials and different sealing forms to meet the needs of various materials.

  • This type of pump is vertical and can be directly inserted into the tank. It is used to transport ultra-high viscosity materials.

  • G Series Single Screw Pump Product overview For pumping neutral or corrosive liquids, uncontamina ted or abrasive liquids, liquids containing gases or which tend to froth, and liquids of high or low viscosity, including liquids containing fibrous and solid material, Principal fields of application Food industry,Texil mill,Paper-making,Petro- industry,Chemical industry,Ship building, Build industry. Nuclear industry,Metallur-gical and mine etc.

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