Oil pump

Oil pump is a kind of light and compact pump, there are three types of in-line type, distribution type and single type. The oil pump needs a power source to run, and the camshaft at the bottom of it is driven by the engine crank gear.
The oil pump proposes an oil pump having a housing made of aluminum-containing material and a movable molded part arranged in the housing, wherein the movable molded part is at least partially made of a sinterable, It is made of a material containing at least one austenitic iron-based alloy, and wherein the molded part made of a sinterable material has a thermal expansion coefficient of at least 60% of the thermal expansion coefficient of the casing.
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  • AY type oil pump is divided into two structural forms: single-stage single-suction cantilever type, two-stage single-suction cantilever type, single-stage double-suction cantilever type, single-stage double-suction two-support type, two-stage single-suction two-support type.

  • Vertical pipeline oil pump is a vertical structure, the inlet and outlet have the same caliber, and they are on the same centerline, and can be installed in the pipeline like a valve.

  • Gear pumps Product overview​ KCB( 2CY)type fuel pumps for transporting temperature is not higher than 70℃, if you need high temperature below 200 ℃, the company may with high temperature resistant material, viscosity of 5 x 10-5-1.5 x 10-3㎡/s not containing solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive lubricating oil, heavy oil, industrial light oil and other oil cooking oil, Suitable for oil depot,wharf,ships,factories,farms, mines,etc.

  • AY series of oil pump is transformed and designed on the basis of Y series of oil pump,assimilating advantages of similar products of USA BJ Company. For bearing parts,45,55,70 have respectively substitute for original 35,50,60,increasing reliability to a great extent.Hydraulic parts adopt hi- effective energy - saving hydraulic model,compared to Y type pump,enhancing by 5%~8% on average.

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