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The types of chemical pumps can be distinguished according to the different materials and uses.


First, according to the different chemical pump materials, the application field is classified as follows:  


1, chemical pump (stainless steel) is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber and other departments used to transport alkaline corrosion medium;  


2, chemical pump (fluorine plastic material) used to transport any acid, alkaline corrosive medium;  


3, chemical pump (cast iron material) for industrial, urban water supply, drainage, can also be used for farmland, orchard drainage and irrigation, for conveying water or other liquid physical and chemical properties similar to water.  


Two, according to the different use of chemical pump, the classification of the detailed introduction:  


1, process pump: including feeding pump, reflux pump, circulating pump, flushing pump, sewage pump, supplementary pump, output pump, etc.  


2, public engineering pump: including boiler pump, cold water tower pump, fire pump, water source with deep well pump, etc.  


3, auxiliary pump: including lubricating oil pump, sealing oil pump, hydraulic transmission pump, etc.  


4, pipeline pump: oil pipeline pump, loading and unloading vehicle pump, etc