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Operation and maintenance of centrifugal fan


After installation, centrifugal fans can only be started under the condition that their equipment is completely normal.  In order to ensure that the normal operation performance of the fan meets the requirements, prevent accidents and prolong the service life of the equipment.  In addition, the following issues should be noted:  

(1) The rotation direction of the fan shall be consistent with the rotation direction noted on the fan nameplate.  

(2) Install the regulating valve on the air inlet pipe of the fan.  Before starting, turn it off, wait for the fan to run, and then slowly open it, straight to the specified working condition, and detect the motor current.  

(3) Check the operation of the fan at any time. If abnormal phenomenon is found, find out the cause in time and stop the machine for maintenance.  

(4) According to the specific situation of use, regularly remove dust, dirt and other impurities in the fan and pipe, and prevent corrosion.  

(5) Observe the temperature rise and lubrication of bearings at any time to keep the oil window clean and bright.  

(6) The lubricating oil used by the fan should be replaced regularly, especially after each disassembly and repair.  

(7) Establish the necessary management system, formulate the safe operation rules, develop equipment maintenance rules.  Special personnel should be responsible for the daily maintenance of ventilators, and do a good job of daily maintenance records.