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The working principle of the submerged pump

The working part of the submerged pump is submerged in the liquid, and the shaft seal has no leakage. And it has the characteristics of small footprint, reliable use, convenient maintenance, and strong corrosion resistance. Widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, petroleum and other industries。

The vertical motor of the submersible pump is fastened to the motor seat with bolts, and is directly driven with the pump through an elastic coupling. The pump body, the intermediate pipe, the pump frame, the outlet pipe, and the pipe flange are connected by bolts to form a whole, fixed in

On the bottom plate, the whole of the pump is installed on the container through the bottom plate. The axial force and radial force of the pump (including the water pressure generated during the operation of the pump, the weight of the impeller and the rotor, etc.) are all caused by the unidirectional thrust installed in the bearing box

Ball bearings, single-row radial ball bearings; and sliding guide shaft to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

The bearing is lubricated with butter, and the guide bearing is lubricated with the conveyed liquid. Therefore, the liquid level is higher than the center line of the impeller during operation. The length of the length L that extends into the container is different, and it is divided into a middle guide bearing structure and no middle

The structure of the guide bearing. The structure of the new submerged pump is that the pump and the motor are connected as a whole to submerge into the liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of delivering the material to the target storage.