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Disassembly Method of Magnetic Drive Pump


1. Disconnect the power supply, drain the medium in the pump, prepare necessary maintenance tools and replacement accessories, and don't knock the pump body randomly when disassembling;

2. Be careful not to reverse the order of disassembly, first disassemble the auxiliary equipment of the magnetic drive pump, and then disassemble the pump body from the outside to the inside;

3. Disassemble the coupling first, make positioning marks, check and record the concentricity and axial clearance of the coupling, and then remove the auxiliary pipe, pump cover and shaft nut in turn

4. Take out with both hands, measure the shaft seal end cover after disassembling the coupling, and move the motor to one side after disassembling the coupling. The rotor can be pumped out, and the coupling can be knocked with a pure copper rod when necessary. Before taking out the pump shaft, the sealing gland can be removed, and the bearings at both ends can be removed according to the situation.

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