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The reason why vertical self-priming pump needs to add water every time it is used

1. Imported pipeline or pump body of self-control and self-priming pump. Because most of the current competition in the pump industry is caused by large manufacturers shrinking pump models to reduce costs and fight price wars, the control of self-priming pumps requires refilling each time it starts.

2. The reason for the failure of the outlet pipe of the self-priming pump: This situation is related to the overall self-priming capacity of the self-checking self-priming pump, so there will be no such strict requirements. On the device.

3. Since the outlet pipe of the self-control self-priming pump is not equipped with a check valve, when the self-control self-priming pump discharges water every time it stops, the pump will form a certain negative pressure, which is why the self-control self-priming pump-control the self-priming pump every time Water needs to be replenished when starting up.

4. Because the one-way valve of the outlet pipe device is too close to the pump, each time the pump is stopped, the outlet pipe outside the check valve is filled with water, which causes the self-control self-priming pump to start. The outlet of the self-priming pump must be opened every time. Exhaust from the exhaust valve is sucked in.

How to reduce the damage caused by cavitation of vertical self-priming pump?

1. Water inlet pipe: In addition to installing the water inlet pipe, the pipe should be as small as possible, so that the water inlet pipe should not be higher than the pump inlet to prevent air from accumulating in the pipe and reduce pipe fittings, bottom valves, elbows, gate valves, etc.

2. Use spray structure: The spray equipment is equivalent to a liquid spray pump in principle. The high-pressure water is drawn from the outlet of the pump and introduced into the high-pressure water chamber. The high-pressure water enters the suction pipe of the pump through the annular nozzle, but the actual operation is difficult and the additional cost is relatively large.

3. Trimming the blade head: trimming the head of the self-priming pump blade has a significant effect on reducing cavitation damage.

4. Selection of anti-cavitation materials: There are many factors that affect the anti-erosion ability of materials. Generally, materials with high hardness and high elasticity have strong corrosion resistance. As a hydraulic mechanical material that operates under cavitation conditions, cavitation erosion will become the breakthrough point of the times.

5. There are application examples to reduce pump cavitation damage. The head of the pump device must be less than the allowable suction head of the pump; there should be no air volume in the radio. Check whether the pressure gauge is normal. All are normal, pay attention to whether there is abnormal leakage at the shaft seal of the vertical self-priming pump.