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How to use Chemical Pumps to Reduce Material Consumption

Ways to save materials when using chemical pumps

1. Improve the maintenance process for the chemical pump, reduce the frictional collision and vortex loss between the water and the wall of the flow channel, and polish and polish the key parts that have a greater impact on the efficiency. The metal luster can be seen by polishing, and the original flow channel must not be damaged. Type line.

2. Reduce the leakage loss in the chemical pump, improve the processing accuracy and assembly quality of the parts, reduce the radial clearance of the throttle sleeve in front of the balance disc and the radial clearance of the front and rear seal rings of the impeller and the guide vane seal ring, and reduce the liquid in the chemical pump Pressure energy loss caused by leakage from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side. For the impeller sealing ring, guide vane sleeve, front throttling of the balance disc and other parts, materials with higher hardness should be selected, and heat treatment to improve wear resistance should be carried out.

3. When starting the chemical pump in cold state, the chemical pump should be fully warmed according to the requirements of the regulations. If the chemical pump is not warmed enough, a large thermal temperature difference between the upper and lower sides of the chemical pump is likely to occur, causing the rotor to be bow-shaped. It is easy to start the chemical pump at this time The internal sealing gap wears large, causing internal leakage and increased volume loss of reflux. When adjusting the load, it must be stable to avoid large fluctuations in feed water pressure, maintain continuous and stable operation of the chemical pump, and reduce the axial movement of the chemical pump to avoid wear of the seal gap.

4. Under normal operating conditions, the water discharge door, drain door and chemical pump body discharge door of the water supply system, the boiler's regular sewage discharge door, and the accident discharge door should be closed tightly, and the door should be cold after touching the inspection door. If the valve is not tight, it should be dealt with in time.

5. The recirculation device for the chemical pump is used to maintain a minimum flow for the chemical pump when it is started, just put into operation, and when the boiler water supply is stopped, so as to prevent the small flow and heat generation during operation and the vaporization of the water supply and cause accidents. The recirculation door should be closed tightly during normal operation.

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