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What are the Requirements for the Use of Chemical Pumps

Requirements for choosing a chemical pump

The type and performance of the chemical pump conform to the device flow, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, suction and other process parameters, and meet the characteristics of the medium. For pumps that transport solid particles, the convection parts are required to use wear-resistant materials. The shaft seal is flushed with clean liquid, and the mechanical aspect requires high reliability, low noise, and low vibration;

Reasonably choose the pipe diameter, the pipe diameter is large, under the same flow rate, the liquid flow speed is small, the resistance loss is small, but the price is high, and the pipe diameter is small, which will cause the resistance loss to increase sharply, increase the head of the selected pump, and match the power Increase, cost and operating expenses increase;

The pipeline layout should be arranged as straight as possible, minimize the accessories in the pipeline and minimize the length of the pipeline;

A valve and a check valve must be installed on the discharge side of the chemical pump. The valve is used to adjust the working point of the pump. The check valve can prevent the pump from reversing when the liquid flows backwards and prevent the pump from being hit by water hammer.

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