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What are the characteristics of magnetic drive pump?

Magnetic drive pump (referred to as magnetic pump) is a new product which applies the working principle of permanent magnetic coupling to centrifugal pump. It has reasonable design, advanced technology, full sealing, no leakage, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Magnetic pump is composed of pump, magnetic driver and motor. The key component of magnetic actuator is composed of external magnetic rotor, internal magnetic rotor and non-magnetic isolation sleeve. When the motor drives the external magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic material, and drive the internal magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to rotate synchronously, so as to realize the non-contact transmission of power and transform the dynamic seal into static seal. Because the pump shaft and inner magnetic rotor are completely closed by the pump body and isolation sleeve, the problems of "running, emitting, dripping and leaking" are solved.

The advantages of the magnetic drive centrifugal pump include: no leakage at all, large intermittence between the inner and outer rotors, no more than 8mm in thickness when the non-metal isolation sleeve is used, no more than 5mm in thickness when the metal isolation sleeve is used, large wall thickness of the isolation sleeve, less possibility of the isolation sleeve being worn through, large gap between the isolation sleeve and the inner and outer magnetic rotors, and reliable operation of the magnetic drive centrifugal pump, The inner magnetic rotor and isolation sleeve are easy to be worn due to the wear of shaft seal. The isolation sleeve is easy to be disassembled, can be replaced on site, and is easy to maintain. It can be applied to SiC bearing, with good wear resistance, long service life, and the pump speed is not limited by the motor. In addition, the magnetic centrifugal pump has the following advantages:

1. Because the drive shaft of the magnetic centrifugal pump does not need to penetrate into the pump shell, but uses the magnetic field to drive the internal magnetic rotor through the magnetic field and the thin-walled transmission torque of the isolation sleeve, so it basically eliminates the leakage channel of the shaft seal and realizes full sealing.

2. Magnetic drive pump has overload protection function when transmitting power.

3. The magnetic material and magnetic circuit design of the magnetic pump have higher requirements, but the rest of the technical requirements are not high.

4. The maintenance and overhaul workload of magnetic drive pump is small.