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What are the advantages of the performance of the carbon fiber magnetic pump isolation sleeve?

Magnetic pump (also known as magnetic drive pump) is mainly composed of pump head, magnetic actuator (magnetic cylinder), motor, base and other parts. As a static sealing isolator between the inner and outer rotors, the isolation sleeve can make the magnetic torque of magnetic drive pass through the isolation sleeve without contact and transmit to the impeller. On the other hand, the high temperature, high pressure and even toxic and explosive media inside the magnetic pump can not leak out completely.

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Due to the limitations of material strength, processing technology and service conditions, the isolation sleeve is mostly made of metal materials. Although the strength is enough, the metal will belong to the conductor, when the external and internal magnets transfer torque, it will form a rotating magnetic field. The metal isolation sleeve will cut off the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field. It is well known that cutting off the magnetic line of force will produce an electric current, which will be expressed in the form of heat. Therefore, the metal isolation sleeve will heat up rapidly, which will cause the structural deformation of the pump body and lead to leakage.

Carbon fiber isolation sleeve is made of carbon fiber prepreg, which is molded by molding process. The ordinary carbon fiber isolation sleeve can adapt to the working environment of - 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, and the high temperature resistant carbon fiber isolation sleeve can be used for a long time at 280 ℃. This is mainly because the carbon fiber composite has good thermal expansion performance, and it will not expand or compress in the environment with large temperature difference, so it can ensure the dimensional stability of the isolation sleeve.

Carbon fiber spacer

Carbon fiber isolation sleeve belongs to non-metallic material, which is non-magnetic and non-magnetic. Compared with metal material, eddy current loss is small, only about 35% of metal material, accounting for about 6% of the total power of the whole magnetic pump. And long service life, fatigue resistance, under normal circumstances, the service life can be as long as more than 20 years.