Magnetic drive pump

Magnetic drive pumps use magnets to attract ferromagnetic materials and there is a magnetic force between the magnets or magnetic fields. Non-ferromagnetic materials do not affect or rarely affect the magnitude of the magnetic force, so it can pass through non-magnetic conductors (isolation sleeves) without contact. The characteristics of power transmission. The magnetic drive pump is mainly composed of a pump body, an impeller, a magnetic coupling, an isolation sleeve, and a motor. The motor is connected to the outer magnetic steel through a coupling. The impeller and the inner magnet are integrated by the impeller nut and the pump inner shaft, and are installed in a sealed body composed of a pump body and an isolating sleeve. The motor drives the outer magnet, and the outer magnet drives the inner magnet to rotate the impeller, so that the static seal replaces the dynamic seal to achieve no leakage of the medium.
The following is a brief introduction to the components:
(1) The pump body and impeller are basically the same as ordinary pumps, which serve the purpose of working on the fluid and collecting and transporting the fluid after the work.
(2) Cylindrical magnetic coupling is composed of inner and outer magnetic rotors and isolation sleeves. It serves the purpose of transmitting force or torque in space and is a key transmission component in magnetic pumps.
(3) Sliding bearings and thrust bearings support and axially limit the rotor components composed of the impeller, pump shaft and internal magnetic rotor. It is a key component of the magnetic drive pump, and its performance directly affects the service life of the magnetic drive pump.
(4) The main connecting piece is the connecting support element in the magnetic pump. Mainly play the role of connection and positioning.
(5) The bearing suspension component supports the drive shaft that drives the outer magnetic rotor. Only exists in non-direct connection structures.
(6) The prime mover is usually an electric motor. Provide power for the magnetic pump.
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