G type single screw pump

G type single screw pump

G type screw pump is a new type of pump working on the principle of rotary meshing volume.

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Product Description

A, G type screw pump product overview:
G type screw pump is a new type of pump working on the principle of rotary meshing volume. G type screw pump main working components are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator). G type screw pump uses non-toxic tasteless edible rubber, working temperature up to 120℃. Due to the special geometry of the two parts, they form separate sealed cavities. The medium flows uniformly along the axial direction. The internal flow rate is low and the volume remains constant. The pressure is stable, so there is no product turbulence and agitation.

Two, G type screw pump use:
The application scope is very wide: environmental protection, shipbuilding industry, petroleum industry, medicine, daily chemical industry, food canning industry, brewing industry, construction industry, printing, papermaking industry and widely used in food metallurgy, paper making, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.

Three, G type screw pump characteristics:
This pump has few parts, compact structure, small volume and easy maintenance. The rotor and stator are the wearing parts of the pump with simple structure and easy assembly and disassembly.

Conveying medium with high solid content; Uniform flow and stable pressure, more obvious at low speed; The flow rate is proportional to the pump speed, so it has good variable regulation. A pump multi-purpose can transport different viscosity of the medium; The installation position of the pump can be arbitrarily tilted; Suitable for conveying sensitive items and items easily damaged by centrifugal force.

Four, G type screw pump working principle:
G type screw pump is a kind of internal engagement rotary positive displacement pump, when the single helix rotor in the double helix stator hole around the axis of the stator for planetary rotation, rotor - stator pay formed between the closed chamber on continuous, uniform speed, constant volume of medium from the suction end to the pressure out of the end. Because of these characteristics, single screw pump is particularly suitable for the following working conditions:
-- Transmission of high viscosity medium. The viscosity of the medium depends on the size of the pump, from 20000Mpa.s to 200000MPa.s.
-- Medium containing solid particles or fibers. The maximum particle size can be up to 16mm (not more than the rotor eccentricity), the longest fiber length can be up to 100mm (equivalent to 0.4 times the rotor pitch), the solid content is generally up to 40%, when the medium contains solid powder fine particles, up to 60% or higher.
- continuous transmission, stable pressure, no periodic pressure fluctuation of reciprocating pump.
- requires small conveying agitation, does not destroy the inherent structure of the conveying medium.
-- Low noise.

Five, G type screw pump model significance:
For example, F G 35-1
F indicates that the pump body and internal parts are all stainless steel
The pump body without letters is cast iron and its internal parts are made of stainless steel
G series single screw pump
35 Nominal screw diameter
1- represents the first stage pump; 2 represents two stage pump; 3 represents a three-stage pump, and 4 represents a four-stage pump

Six, G type screw pump use matters needing attention
1.G type screw pump must first determine the direction of operation before starting, shall not be reversed.
2 is strictly prohibited in the absence of media G type screw pump empty operation, so as not to damage the stator.
3. If the pump is newly installed or shut down for a few days, it can not be started immediately. It should be injected into the pump body with an appropriate amount of oil, and then it can be started after a few turns with pipe pliers.
4. After conveying high viscosity or containing particles and corrosive medium, wash with water or solution to prevent blocking, so as not to start the next time.
5. In winter, effusion should be excluded to prevent freezing and cracking.
6 type G screw pump in the process of using the bearing box should be regularly added lubricating oil, found shaft end seepage, to timely treatment or replacement of the oil seal.
7. In the operation of G type screw pump, such as abnormal situation, should immediately stop to check the cause, troubleshooting.

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